New Construction Schedule

Have you decided to build that dream home? Whether you are hiring a General Contractor or doing the work yourself you should consider hiring B4U Buy Home Inspections, LLC to set up a new construction schedule of inspections for you. The schedule is similar to that of a Building Inspector / Code Official but is performed by a Certified Professional Home Inspector that has only your best interest in mind. Many issues that are discovered during a home inspection have roots in the construction phase. Improper drainage, poorly flashed windows and doors, shoddy insulation, poor ventilation, and improper roof flashing are all examples of issues that may not show underlying damage for several years. It is every Home Inspectors dream to be able to see through walls and a new construction schedule makes that possible. I will set up a schedule of inspections with the general contractor that permits me to see the home during specific phases of construction and finish with a completed General Inspection report including radon air testing as well as standard water testing with radon for a private well.

Typical Schedule:

  • 1.Prior to backfill.
  • 2.Roof Installed.
  • 3.Windows and doors installed but prior to siding.
  • 4.Electrical and plumbing rough in.
  • 5.Insulation installed but prior to drywall.
  • 6.General Inspection with any tests prior to move in.