We were extremely impressed with Mike's knowledge in all areas. He understands what goes into building a home and the in-depth analysis and costs associated with fixing and making updates to the house. Knowing that Mike is a local, you can trust that he has your best interests in mind. Mike is very reliable. He is thorough and always makes you feel comfortable when discussing various issues, and what "next steps" need to be done.

Alicia Sperazzo

We have had several home inspections over the years prior to discovering B4U Buy Home Inspections, none of them were as thorough as Mike. The quality and detail of the report he provides is very impressive. He takes the time to explain it in language that you can understand. You know exactly what you are buying when you get an inspection from Mike. We would highly recommend his service for any home buyer. You will not get a higher quality anywhere else. It is well worth the investment.

Jennifer Nashboucher